Welcome to Middle Age Shred

Tired of going to work, doing the washing up and shouting at the kids? Find the golf course s**t boring?
Had enough of being a fat, old couch potato?
Do you remember the heady days of the 70's & 80's?
Still have a fondness for Kryptonics, Road Riders, Trackers & Fibreflexes?
Still thinking about packing up and moving to Dog Town?
...then this is the website for you!

Whether you mourned the tragic 'death' of skateboarding at the end of the 70's, or you were frustrated at the lack of skate places in the 80's, or you just battled on through and refused to give up your wheels, you're in the right place to find some like-minded people.
Middle-age-shred.com is a meeting place for 30 & 40 something skaters.
We're not ageists, anyone is welcome to tag along, but we do talk about 'The old days' now & again...so be warned.
If you'd like to skate with us anytime then don't hesitate to contact anyone you see on this site.

It doesn't matter how good or bad you are on a board, we do it for fun - no other reason, and as far as we're concerned...the more the merrier.
Just think, there are loads of places to skate these days, most of us drive so we don't have to ask mummy for a lift anymore. We can afford to buy decent skateboards now and we're big enough to push the little brats out of the way, if we want to (only joking!)

So that's it, if you're old skool, nu skool or don't-give-a-damn skool and you want to skate again, dig out your Vans, dust off your old Benjyboard and get in touch!

Words by T Walker 2003