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Skater Owned Shops

Three Amigos Skate Shop

118 Camden Road

just down the road from Cantelowes skatepark

We are;
'Camo' Pete Makarski
Francois 'Dirty South' Nordmann

Sells a large selection of new and oldschool skate gear as well as some used stuff. Plenty of cheap stuff,always up for a deal!

Big Woody's Skateboard Shop

[Image: BWSSMET.gif]

Big Woodys Skateboard Shop

32 Talbot Road

01253 296296

also @ Ramp City Skate Park
Cropper Road

e mail [email protected]

New Shop Decks Now In Stock

In June 2002 we followed our dream and opened Big Woody's Skateboard Shop to try and make a living doing something that we love. Woody has skated since 1976 (and is still shit) Andrea has been around for 17 years , since Ricky (son) started skating. So I think you will agree we have both served our apprenticeship. We are definitely not a high street store as you will know if you have visited either of our shops. We will give you the best advice we possibly can and this will not entail getting as much money as we can out of you Smile We aim to sell you the best product for you and your needs. We have a saying " if it ain`t broke, don`t fix it " . We sell everything from a wheel nut to a complete set up, shoes,clothing,bags, DVD's. If it involves skating we sell it, and if we haven't got it we will do our best to get it for you.

We endeavour to sell our products in line with the "Big Boys" who buy by the 1000`s rather than by the 10`s. If we can price match something then we will... but please remember this is our livelihood.

Once again we have sponsored MAS for another year.
We are the official sponsors of MAS web site for the 4rd consecutive year.

Big Woodys new online shop now available, all major credit/debit cards accepted. . If you ring us to order please mention MAS and we will try to do you a deal on the postage. Free postage on orders over £100.
We now have over 120 decks to choose from , we offer a free griptape on all decks , free truck bolts and risers on all complete set ups.

Old Man Army deck back in stock get em while you can.


[Image: toddtwist3.gif]

Sean Goff
20 South Ave

Fulltime Ebay skateboard store, Running for a couple of years now. Try to source close out items to keep the prices low. Over 18 years in Skateboard retail.

5% discount for MAS members if deal is done outside ebay. No commision to ebay = discount to MAS member. Just contact me with what item number you want. I'll send the invoice and Bobs your Unkle !

Fat Boy Skates

[Image: fbs-logo.gif]

11 Trafalgar Way
CM12 0UT

[email protected]
01277 651081

Trade in wide rides, old school, 70s NOS, 80s NOS and "The Fatboyskates Bearing Lube and Clean".

Lush Longboards

Lush Longboards
Unit 12 Kenn Court
Roman Farm Road
Bristol BS4 1UL

0845 1087300

We started up in 2000 building longboards in the basement of a Sheffield student house. Things have grown a bit since then(!) and we are now the UK's biggest alternative skate company, offering downhill, carving, slalom, bowl, ramp, slide and street decks and wheels. Give us a call if you want to chat/get some advice/go skating/buy stuff!

Call us for a Middle Age Shredders discount on all website orders.

Old School Skateboards

[email protected]

07785 280658

Old School Skateboards is the name, I'm a web based skater owned enterprise only selling anything oldschool, long, carvey, downhilly. Skateboarding is a passion so I'm not in it to make a fortune. My stock is keenly priced but im happy to cut deals, especially with MAS members. I'm based in the Thames Valley and yes i have my very own indoor ramps... so if you collect, bring your pads and have a ride.

Popp Skates NYC

[Image: popp_skates_1.gif]

Joe Popp
339 E 94th Street Apt 3C
New York, NY 10128

[email protected]


I started Popp skates because I was having trouble finding a 10 x 30 concave pig with a cool graphic. I teamed up with NYC artist Tylor Durand for the design and ordered some boards!

5% off for all MASers!


[Image: logo.gif]

42 Collingtree Avenue,

Tel: 01606 557149

[email protected]

Official Stickers - no copies/fakes. Sell regular and vintage/NOS. New stock added weekly.

Free sticker with each order


[Image: head_left_logo.jpg]

2 Caen St, Braunton, Devon
[email protected]
01271 815444

We have been running about 4 years now and stock a pretty wide selection of hardware. We are proud to be the UK stockist for Skull Skates and also now have clothing in from RDS (Red Dragon).

Longboard gear inc. Landyachtz, Motion, Original, 3DM, ABEC11, Revenge

Old School originals and re-issues from all sorts of brands, Alva to Z-Flex

and yes new school gear too, this stock changes constantly.

10% flat discount for MASers on anything 'cept sale items.

Purple frog skate shop & mini ramp

Web Address

Contact details (postal address, phone no(s), email) : Unit 2 union street sutton-in-ashfield, notts,ng175el. Tel :07803530022/01623 557419. email : [email protected]

Brief biog of your business (history, type of stuff you sell etc) : Located in Sutton-in-Ashfield. Skateboarding, BMX, hardware, footwear & clothing are available in store. We Keep our prices lower than the main online retailers, giving you more value for your money.
From complete skateboards to bearings, wheels, bars much more. The latest decks, clothes, many more skateboard & bmx items. If you want it we can get it, just ask!
Come along an check out what we have to offer. You can also grab a session on our mini ramp, its indoor so no rained of sessions! Or just chill on the sofas. Were more than just a shop.

Details of any discounts available to MAS members : 10% in store only, includes mini ramp sessions.

Skateboards of Choice

[Image: skateboardsofchoice.gif]

Unit A, Locksbrook Road
United Kingdom

Tel: 01249 715811

email: [email protected]

We have been selling oldschool-style skateboards since 2004. Our aim is to provide the widest choice of quality skate gear at a reasonable cost. The site is run by Ed Slateford who has been skating on and off since 1976. We do not have a shop, but viewings can be made by prior appointment.

We offer free bearings, mounting hardware, risers, spacers and griptape on ALL complete skateboards bought. We also have free delivery for all orders over £100.

Decent Hardware
[Image: decenthardware.gif]
I started up Decent Hardware in late 2006 after traveling for several years struggling to carry boards and gear around. Had an idea for a bag, designed it, got some backing and made them... Teamed up with OMA on a branded version and the word spread.
Now making 2 designs of bag, the big Bodybag (in 38, 42 and 44" Lengths) and the smaller but expandable Park bag (38 to 48")

Custom bags are available with team, shop or company logo's and custom sizing, colours and faux fur finishes too.
8 wheelers catered too as well!

Anything is possible, just ask Jonno @ [email protected]

Also making skate shorts with removable hip and tail bone pads in Cotton Twill, Rip Stop and Stretch Denim - pics on web site soon...

Decent Hardware is no big company, it's just one aging skate Rat from Norwich trying to get by and have some fun!

Very proud to sponsor Martin Drayton, Tyler Martin, Mark Short, Christian Fletcher and Wafflesole Nat. Stoked that Grosso chose to buy his own OMA one!

ALL products are 100% sweat Shop Free and hand made by family firms I know personally in Bali, Indonesia from the best materials available.

Keystone Skateboards

[Image: keystonepatternqi5.jpg]

Keystone Skateboards
1617 Seidersville Rd. LOT # 4
Bethlehem, PA 18015


[email protected]

Keystone Skateboards is an East Coast skater owned and operated brand. Our products are made here
in the USA and we are very proud of that.

When I started Keystone Skateboards I wanted to make a diverse brand with a unique style. It shows in
our products and we have a team that is as diverse as it gets. There is no one set style to Keystone.
You can see that in our team as well as the art on our products. Diversity is good.

I also wanted to make sure it was about where I grew up skating. The East Coast. Not that anyplace is
better or worse but if you are from the East you know the winters are harsh, the summers are super hot
and short so I think we push ourselves a little harder here.
I also wanted to use a name that reflects strength, integrity, style and so on. We decided on Keystone
because a Keystone is used as the base and holds all the other ones in place and supports them. It's
also Ironic that I am from the Keystone state. (PA)

There are only so many words or stories that can explain Keystone Skateboards and what we are about.
The rest I will leave up to inspiration, people who help us, people we look up to or have made an impact in
East Coast skateboard culture. Below is a small list of people, places or things that provide some
inspiration that drives Keystone Skateboards.

Thank you for the support and inspiration!

-Dan Scott

Sean Miller, Dune, Donny Barley, Cheap Skates Skatepark, 5 Boro, Zoo York, Eastern Exposure
“Zero”, Kids Mountain Skatepark, Felix Arguelles, Magic Skatepark, S.P.O.T., Rick Charnowski, Ken
and Jay Sigafoos, Rob Crowe, House of Steam, Barker Barrett, Gonz, SHUT, Dead Endustries,
Vinny Raffa, Ray Gurz, Moose, Buster Halterman, Mike Vallely, FDR Skatepark, The Bro Bowl,
Eastern Skate Supply, Rodney Torres, Danny Supa, Focus Skateboard magazine, Jahmal Williams,
Panama Dan, Ryan Gee, Dan Wolfe, Adam Wallacavage, Tom Boyle, The Lopez brothers, Ricky
Oyola, Matt Reason, Stevie Williams, Brooklyn Banks, Atlantic skateboard distribution, Mike Frazier,
Neal Hendrix, Pete Bici, Quim Cordona, Hamilton Harris, Jeff Pang, Billy Valdez, Javier Nunez, Bam
Margera, Charlie Wilkins, Mike Maldonado, Chad Kramer, Kerry Getz, Spunk Skatepark, FTK
Magazine, Rob Mertz, Robbie Gangemi, Harold Hunter, Lost Soul Skateboards, Joe Krolick, Brian
Anderson, Chuck Treece, Fred Gall, Skate scenes up and down the East Coast - Pittsburgh, Philly,
NYC, Boston, DC, Miami and as the list that inspires us continues to grow so does Keystone.

As of now we only ship in the USA but we love MAS so much we will take $10.00 off all deck orders shipped in the USA for MAS members. (Per deck order)
You guys on the other side of the pond please e-mail us if you are interested and we can work something out.

Hammerhead Custom Skateboards

address: Matthew Every
829 fiddlers bridge rd
Rhinebeck NY, 12572
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (845) 901 0275 (voicemail does not work)

At Hammerhead we believe that a skateboard should be a personal investment just like anything else. We do the same with skateboards as custom car shops do with cars. Since 2006 Hammerhead Skateboards has built custom boards for private clients. These clients range from everyday skaters to movie production companies. Whatever your budget, we can make a board for you. If you have an existing board you want to personalize, or start from scratch on a tailor made custom board, we're here to help. Also, coming soon is a brand new line of longboards based on the designs of Matthew Every.

[Image: deathgimporangeblackbac.jpg]
The Laurels, Fleggburgh Road, Rollesby, Great Yarmouth, NR29 5AJ..07901593274

Brief biog of your business (history, type of stuff you sell etc)..Custom one off/short t-shirts and it says on the site..simple shirts..simple prices!

Details of any discounts available to MAS members...Classic designs and Full print front shirts..£5 instead of £7, Left hand breast small logo one off's..£4 instead of £5. Stickers....haven`t started that bit of the site yet...hang have one!!


Ocean Sports Board Riders was started by two Skaters back in 1990 and glad to say we are still rolling today - if a little greyer and a little slower than back in the day....

Been Skating the Brighton area since the early 80's, The Level, The Wall, The Barn (Second time around) Sea Front, West Pier Mini and all those ditches, banks, curbs - secret and not so secret spots along the way.

Skating in Ocean Sports started from a passion for old school and re-issue skate gear and longboards, soon parks started springing up and kids were coming in asking for proper skateboards (....?) and its kind of gone nuts since then - now we have the awesome Shoreham Park 5 mins up the road....

We sponsor the "Turn and Burn Slalom Skate Competition" in Brighton each year and will be supporting Jelly and the crew at Shoreham for their comps too.

We have accounts with all the usual suppliers and also specialise in tracking down hard to get old gear. We sell a huge range from Contempory Skate brands, plus retro / re-issues, Pool Boards, cruisers, Longboards, Slalom full .....range of Lids and pads.

Most of our Skateboard range is online at, MAS members can get a discount using this promo code MAS01.

So if you are in Brighton and Hove area call in and say Hi - or we will see you in the bowl at Shoreham...

James and Co
Ocean Sports Board Riders
368 Kingsway
East Sussex
01273 412241
[email protected]

[Image: cheaperstickercirclecopy.jpg]

Cheaper Than Renting

cheap used snowboards and gear to get you out riding as quickly and cost effectively as possible."

Name of business : Task Eight

Contact details : For trade and public enquiries please email - [email protected]

Brief biog of business : Started in 2011, we manufacture ollie patches for your trainers. Simple but very effective.

[Image: wp5db39afb.png]

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