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39 and starting again, vert this time

Confusedhock: Hi guys, I live in Stafford and my friend and I are going to start skating again after about a 10 year break and we both have always wanted to skate vert, my question is: where is the nearest vert ramp from stafford? Or any ramp over 6ft?

Thanks in advance

I like mushy peas and proud of it!

creation skate park in birmingham could be the nearest vert ramp i know about? a few of us bristol folks head there every now and then, its about 13' i think

hello by the way!
Are you sure the spirit of Peghill is not working through moo ?

Welcome to the site


That has all of them I think.

Thanks for that, looks like brum, Manchester and good old Blackpool to start with. We're going to skate them all though, it's always been a dream of mine to skate vert. I used to be able to drop in and small carving 5-0, I'm just going to wrap myself in bubble wrap this time round though!! :roll: Just got to buy my set up now, I really want the Hosoi Gonz hammerhead deck, I have to import it from the US though.
I like mushy peas and proud of it!

You signed up to MAS in 2005 and you are only just getting your set up? Good luck with your vert skating, hope you are brave enough to drop in.

Hey Fen, in 2005 I was still skating local parks every now and then, just had a run of injuries that put me off. I started mountain biking which I love but it just doesn't give me that buzz that skating gives. Won't be dropping in straight away, I got to get used to the extra weight I now carry Confusedhock: My old board has probably lost it's pop from being in the shed, besides there are some interesting shapes out now. Cheers
I like mushy peas and proud of it!

Good luck. Dogged, stupid, stubborn determination compensates for youthful springiness, it just seems to take a lot longer to learn stuff.
Forget the bubble wrap though. Knee pads, elbow pads, wristguards and a good helmet. And one more thing: swimming float stuffed down the back of ya trousers.
You'll thank me.
Doesn´t like decks with dolphins or Bob Marley painted on.

^^ He's right you know.
You can get a yoga mat or camping mat (these modern ones are really thin) from Asda to make some pretty sturdy hip pads too.

Haha cheers for the advise, going to buy smith pads I think, got some decent padded shorts from my biking. 1st thing to pearn is how to bail properly, not done a knee slide with pads on since 1994!! :lol:
I like mushy peas and proud of it!

Land on your feet to take the force out of the fall, then crumple down onto your knees and slide. I did a video about how to drop in (see the How To section) - there's lots of knee slides in it

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Cheers mate I will take a look
I like mushy peas and proud of it!

Up the road in Newcastle myself Big Grin

Anywhere indoors nearby? I tend to head north or go to stoke plaza, when I can get out. :lol:

Ha, now I am nearly 49 and started skating…again. ?
I like mushy peas and proud of it!

(20-09-2022, 05:42 PM)jud720 Wrote: Ha, now I am nearly 49 and started skating…again. ?

Ha welcome back. Did you manage to get back into vert ramps in 2013?
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Hey, no I tried but just didn’t go enough. They built a decent bowl in Stafford where I am from, it’s just the weather needs to be good to skate that.

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