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Tony Alva

Tony Alva is 61 today and still shredding.

What an absolute legend. I heard he was a bit of a tosser in his younger days but has subsequently turned into a rather nice guy. At least that’s what I was told when I came across this in a pub in Devon a couple of years ago.

[Image: 066D5AAA-396F-44D9-A488-97C449313AAB_zpsfn173ecl.jpeg]

61 & he's still ripping the bowls,awesome Big Grin Big Grin
Biniaks got a pump.

[Image: img_0252.jpg?w=768]

I skated by myself today under September blue skies in a bowl that could have been made for me.Something my 9 year old self could never have considered for me at the age of nearly 56. It is strange the influences that follow you through life . I was forced to reflect that the original surfer /skater has been one of them.

Happy birthady TA. Keep on ripping and showing us the way.
tip toeing through the tulips

Yup, I currently Ride Alva!! :-) ( I even used his bog in Santa Monica, not weird honest ;-) )

[Image: 42671790572_c0d59b891b_c.jpg]

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