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Cool, I'm ready to go, fisheye et all.
Don't call it a comeback...

Spent a lot of the last 15 years on forums and frankly I like this one a lot.
Went through a period of crazy travelling for work - every week in a different location around the world and it all came to an end with Covid 19. Suddenly I could go and skate on my own every day early morning. Ended up filming again... And ended up here again too I guess! Big Grin

GarethV Wrote:As I've said on another post FB is getting pretty toxic these days.
People may return to a safe place to obsess over bearings again!

Only takes 5-10 people to post fairly frequently to get it moving again.

I will start to post again and see if others do too.

Hello MAS.

I lurk on a regular basis wondering if things might liven' up a bit, but I s'pose if all potential posters are doing the same that isn't going to happen. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Most of the MASsers that I chat(ted) to in here are on Insta and have made more (imaginary internet) friends in there.

I have got some things I could show and tell in the 'what did you buy' and the 'did you skate today' threads, but don't want to jump back in all 'me me me'.

Instagram @doowyrag 

You should post it man - I'm interested in what you have bought and got to say! 8)

Hi guys, sorry to see the forum fading back so much. But much like skating itself, I imagine the forum will go through it's cycles but never really die.
For me, I moved to Shanghai China about three years ago as some may remember. I skated a good bit when I got here in SMP skatepark, but that place kept putting it's prices up until I finally said no. It is falling apart. Now I sometimes go to Ningbo (a city 3 hours away) and skate their pumptrack, and I do a bit of rolling around with a local carver-board crew in a flat plaza. I mostly just fly about doing wheel slides.
I am looking at doing some downhillish type stuff also soon, and my latest board reflects this. I will post a pic as soon as I remember how that works, but for now I will add my latest video here if that is ok.


Well that's pretty cool to see something completely different for a change! thx for posting, that pump track looks unreal!!

Nice video, very atmospheric.

Loved that.
Rose-tinted view of the days of our youth; we stood the test of time.

Glenouille Wrote:You should post it man - I'm interested in what you have bought and got to say! 8)
add me to that list as well.

Cool vid, Irish Lost Boy!
Lovenskate 8.5, Ace 44s, rocket rons and swiss l2 mixed, Loophole 54mm v shape

Yep, cool video Irishlostboy.
Good to see a bit of life on here again.

Glad you guys liked the video. It was fun to make.

just checking in again and spamming the threads in search of life!

Skaters gonna Skate

GarethV Wrote:just checking in again and spamming the threads in search of life!

Good luck. I’ve tried playing necromancer a few years running. It showed a little life then died again rather quickly. I’ll try posting again.

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