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Wheel core too big for bearing

Got some old school wheels where the core is too big for the bearing, so when riding the weight bearing wheel ends up deforming around the bearing, gets hot and rolls slow. Probably ruins the wheel as well
Anyone know any quick fixes?

Old school...
Loose bearings maybe? Don't know what they are or what old school means to you. Just guessing in the dark. Quickest fix, use different wheels that fit your bearings.

I got 5 sets all badly manufactured wheels
all cores are a bit too big and dont hold the bearing tight enough
All sets are around 10 years old

Just ran this same thread over at skateone discussions...

The trick is to
cut a 1 inch square of thick plastic bag
fold it in half, fold it in half again
snip a wee cut from the tip
open it, you still have a 1 inch square with a hole in the center[for the axle]
slip the plastic square under the bearing as you press it into the wheel
trim excess
use 2 squares if still not snug enough fit

Alter plastic bag thickness depending on how oversize the wheel core is
I used a 1 square of really thick plastic bag

AnimalChin suggested using clear nail polish to paint the wheel core, only where the bearing outer sits, could paint the bearing outer instead... but then you couldnt use the bearings on a normal wheel

Do one thin coat
dry for a few hours
press in bearing
if still not snug enough
paint a second coat

I havnt tried nail polish yet as I have had success with the plastic sheet packing method.
Though not as quick, the nail polish is probably a life time fix and a bit more professional
I think nail polish is pliable and will stretch ok as the pressed in bearing expands the cavity

Saves me throwing away 5 near new sets of ok cheaper formula wheels that are good for kids and newbs.
Near new cause they were shit from the start due to over sized cores at manufacture. Maybe its the low grade plasticy formula....

The problem was the cheap shit formula urethane rebound causing the core to deform under my 95kg affecting the rear axle toe side wheel. Too plasticy

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