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It’s a mind field

I am after a set up that I can freestyle/ cruise/ dance and possible down hill but have known idea to wot I am looking at Woody has sent me a link to a sight n a ruff price range of £300+ never longboard b4 but like the look of the freestyle stuff on the YouTube any club’s meet near Lancaster /Preston /Blackpool or Kendal
Cheers Matt

OK so...

Dance/freestyle is a bit different to freeride and downhill, in that you want a flexible board for the former, and a stiff board for the latter. There are a few other variables to consider, like topmount or dropthrough, which means the deck will be further away or closer to the ground.

If you aren't quite sure what you feel like doing yet, go for all-rounder on the budget side that can be upgraded in the direction you want, and meet up with as many groups as you can to try their setups!

There's a small scene around the north west, search fbook and insta for longboard groups, and dont be scared to message people and tag along! Longboarders are a really friendly bunch. If you're ever stuck, feel free to give me a shout, just over in Barrow-in-Furness, I may be able to teach you a few things. Oh and v. important - slide gloves and a helmet!
Don't call it a comeback...

Pretty much what GoR64 said. My only addition is that, while there's no one setup that will do all those things well, if you want to go fast downhill, better to have a stiff, downhill-capable deck.
At a stretch, you'll be able to dance/freestyle on a downhill board. But you won't be able to downhill on a dance/freestyle board.
Just depends on what you think you'll do more of, really.
Doesn´t like decks with dolphins or Bob Marley painted on.

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