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What Boards did you skate ?

That's when I started, too, and how I started: saw Skaterdater and then made a board out of a rollerskate and a bit of plank!

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[quote="warwick"]That's when I started, too, and how I started: saw Skaterdater and then made a board out of a rollerskate and a bit of plank!

I think it was the catalyst for many an impressionable youth to wear the toe out of their "plimsolls" and put holes in the knees of their flares!
I remember us having competitions to see who could get furthest down the hill before we bailed or fell off! Big Grin

A BBC deck (i think) and the graphic was an illustration painted in day glo greens and pinks of a women in an hot dog roll on a bed of salad. Also Gullwing wheels that had a Roman mosaic graphic not the Romans wheel with the laurel. Finally indie trucks with a raised plastic baseplate. Can't find em anywhere. Got it in DanZ's shop along with my Alva hoodie. Good times.

First 'modern' deck was a Jason Lee Stereo.

Now I got an Element team, Lucky bearings, blank wheels, Lucky hardware and Royal trucks.
I love the smell of urethane in the morning

Gullwing and Tracker both did trucks with plastic baseplates, but I'm pretty sure Indy never have.

cant remember um all-
-73 or earlier-plank with roller skate remains nailled on

orange skuda wif open bearings

made a deck at school and saved for ever-70mm red kryptonics-tracker full tracks

simms lonnie toft 32x10-mad mark baker megatrons-powell powerflex 9,s

and a mix of bel air lip cones-55mm fireboy specials by NWI-

searching for a new bowl deck

in the early days we,d do tandems down hill into the kerb at the bottom and fly across the path and land in fits of hysterics in the hedge-until we found the concrete fence post inside the hedge- :%
thit thars ma cuzn-dressie
these new UFO,s are so gnarly-i snarl in my sleep

Oooh now theres a question... I worked it all out the other day.

Second hand California Sun (plastic board) with knackered bearings
Second hand Coyote II (plastic board) with a broken nose
“Death Nails” Turbo II type complete setup (weighed a ton)
Pacer Festri'n Pharaoh complete setup
Sims Kevin Staab with indies and Slimeballs
BBC Monty Nolder with Indies and g-bones
Skull Skates Todd Swank Jr with Indies and t-bones
Sims Buck Smith with Indies and t-bones
BBC Jeff Philips with Indies and G-bones
Deathbox Pete Dosset with Indies and t-bones
P&P Tony Hawk Medalion with Indies and t-bones (last seen in my sister back yard) Cry

S ~..
“I'm getting too old for this shit”

First was a blue Newporter, with super slidey non-urethane rock-hard "stoker" wheels - looked like this one:

[Image: niHk50w.jpg]

Then an Alpine Freestyle complete - urethane and wood were such an improvement:

[Image: uteO7YS.jpg]

Then my dad made a solid oak deck and I put tracker 1/2 tracks and lime green kryps and later green sims snakes on it:

[Image: ixUi8ck.jpg]

Then another homemade deck made from 3 layers of thin play and a wedge of wood for the kicktail (32" x 9") - this had full tracks on it. It go some extra holes drilled in it to take these things:

[Image: XGKy9cE.jpg]

Then the final deck was a z-woody, with wide independents and multicoloured powerflex 9's - I guess I must have sold this one when I stopped skating - if only I'd kept it Sad
Keith B. - still riding goofy

1. GT Coyote
2. New Sport Ramp Rider
3. NoBrand longboard
4. Loaded Dervish Sama
5. Alva 9.5 Re-issue
6. Flip Brigadier
7. Flip Springer Mountain
8. Flip Springer Burnquist

Time between 2. and 3.: 34 years. Time between 7. and 8.: 4 weeks (or less).

"You ride fucking indys bitch".
Coach Frank

My first board was a florescent orange "Street Warrior" Regal - big flat cheap complete with massive oval tail guard, as were common on cheap boards of the day. Got a lot of shit from the local older skaters for that one.

My first pro deck was a Jeff Kendall Atomic Man. Jeff was my first skate hero, having seen the Santa Cruz 'Wheels of Fire' vid. This colourway:

[Image: img0458ix8.jpg]

I got some Indy trucks with it but had to use my Regal wheels for another 6 months, before finally getting some OJII Teamriders, 95A, like these:
[Image: 3995909005_71e2e95467.jpg]

My next deck was by a company called 'Iron Cross', and was an Art Godoy model. Can't find a picture of it, but it had some serious pop. I was the highest ollier I knew when I had that deck!
Something like this, sort of...[Image: %24T2eC16F,!)8E9s4l58,)BR5C7S2r6!~~60_35.JPG]

Then I had a Lance Mountain Dough Man, Natural, with H-Street 97a Wheels and a fresh set of Indy's. This is when we were just starting to realise that harder wheels were faster and worth the slight sacrifice in cruising comfort:
[Image: 112896300_amazoncom-powell-lance-mountai...l-deck.jpg]

That Dough Man was the best deck I ever had, but I foolishly sold it to buy a blank, because I wanted my own graphic! The blank was pre-shaped and purple stained. It wasn't a great deck, but I did a great job of the graphic at least!

I skated that blank on and off for quite a number of years, then retired it and got a Powell Popsicle board with Gullwings (because no one was bringing Indy's into NZ at the time) and I can't remember what wheels. I sold my brother my Snowboard to buy that deck. He traded me an older Snowboard and enough for a new skate setup.

That got stolen when my flat got burgled, so I got a new complete, The Firm Ray Barbee (indys, can't remember the wheels) It had a duck on it, and it was a great deck, some kinda slick coating that really helped the graphic last way longer! Loved it.

After that I tried an Enjoi deck which broke after three skates, and a Blind Jason Lee, kinda like this: [Image: %24(KGrHqJ,!rYFJ,kFk5oHBSeTuZDN%2BQ~~60_35.JPG]

...which lasted about a month.

Then I started Skating Hardcore (Australian company) blanks, because they were cheap and lasted ages, and they made decks bigger than 8".

when I got sick of the little hard wheels getting stuck on stones, I got my current set-up:
[Image: OldSchoolCabBoard.jpg]

Which has been awesome. Mechanical Dragon Reissue, Indy 169's, Rat Bones Reissues 90a. This one has really re-ignited my enjoyment of skating. So fun to cruise on, yet can still kickflip it! It's nearly dead now, so I just bought the Elephant setup, looking forward to riding this one!

First board came from CCS on Christmas of '82 as I remember. Tony Hawk Chickenhead with wheel wells. Tracker Ultra lights, Krypto 78's, pink rails, pink skid plate, pink nose guard, pink lapper. It was ghastly and I loved it. Skated it until the nose was gone to the front of the trucks. Moved on to Lance Mountain Future Primitive, Powell Tommy G, Mini Cab, Mini Lance. Had others in between, but those are the ones I can remember. I did order the first Natas SMA deck, but it was always on backorder.
" I broke my arm the first week back after 23 years off. I am still skating and still dumb as a box of hammers."

When I first started skating when I was 10 I was bought a skateboard which was flat and had plastic wheels, truck guards etc. When I got a part time job after school when I was 12 I bought myself a H Street Art Godoy which was a revaluation I really enjoyed skating this deck and pulled my first Ollie on it. I skated this board until I went on a summer holiday and visited a skate shop in Banbury and walked out with what was my favourite deck a Zorlac Donny Myre. This was an excellent board which was fitted with 93a slimeballs big balls and gull wing trucks. I skated till I was around 17 and had bought another deck a blind popsickle which did not have the same feeling. All these decks were thrown out by my parents when they moved house apart from the Blind which I gave to a youth who was starting out. Now I am 39 and have a Creature Juggz DD deck which is as close a copy as I can remember to the Zorlac, funny how length and shape has not changed in my ideal set up even after this time, Cheers Keith.

Bought first set up in summer of 77 I think, cost £8 from a local sorts shop, bright yellow plastic with blue wheels and loose bearings that I would end up gathering uo off the streer on a regular basis. Upgraded to blue single kick Scuda, then came xmas 77 and a visit to Alpine sports for a 27 inch Bruce Logan Earth Ski, trakker fulls and 70mm red kryps which rolled over everything and aldo rolled forever. Shortly afterwards stacked it and some bastard ran over it with his car!! Flat spotted two kryps.....
Swapped the kryps for bright orange Ojs with some unsuspecting kid at South Bank - to my shame I did not feel guilty - OJs were shite on crappy pavements so swapped em again for Powerflex, much better.
Made myself a ply pool board for the Rom anf even spent a week with it in a vice pouring boiling water over the back to bend in a kicktail.... Quality, was greay till I grabbed the nose doing a four out tail tap in Rom pool and ot snapped in half to the amusement of the bigger boys and marshalls - who were all bastards back in the 70s!!!
So invested in 29 inch Sims Superlight, mids and 65mm green kryps which were superb in the pool and the Mad Dog buy shook your teeth loose on crappy London pavements.
Stopped skating in 81.... Been back about 4 weeks and using a 29 imch Citizen mini woth Lazet trucks and wheels tillI decide what kit to invest in...leaning towards a Death 9 inch pool deck with Indys and Hoisoi rockets - nice Confusedmile:

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I like all wheels as long as they are Kryptonics.....

Apologies for the crappy spelling in above post - fingers too big for small phone.....

Also apologies to the kid at Southbank who I scammed for his OJs....... (no I still don't feel guilty)

Finally thanks to the kid up the road who donated the 80s Citizen set up, actually I think he only gave it me so he could see me ride past his house and fall flat on my arse!!! b~
I like all wheels as long as they are Kryptonics.....

Hehe ..1st board was a complete (which most of us probably had!) and it was called the "midnite rider" hehe .I loved it cos it had concave (this was 1987) and was deathly black lol...I even got the guy to change the weels around so i had two black and two green ahhh the smell of getting that board just came back!haha! Anway I learned ro ollie on that board then after a year went by..I got serious...all pro boards from then..and good times..
setups were...Caballero bars/dragon vert style with rails tracker light trucks with them copers lol..a CELLBLOCK!..and 60mm92a cockroach wheels.
Then a natas bulldog with 159 thunders and ollie bolts! lol..a h street magnusson mini (with the pigs and fruit)
and madrid fly grip(remember that!)The a jeff hartsel sma...and finally the new 91 tommy guerro with gullwings(my fav setup cos it was all about the riding then)

First board was a strange very thin faded white fiberglass thing with red wheels, followed by a moulded greeny blue transparent thing with red wheels which I loved through out primary school. Then one christmas I was given a thing called "Turbo II", a giant pink thing covered in every conceivable plastic thing known to man, I loved that too. Then things started to pick up...

Tony Hawk bonelite in silver & pink (as per the earlier photo), kept the trucks off the toy shop special for a bit and some black powell wheels, can't for the life of me remember what they were called. The bon elite didn't last move than a couple of rain storms and then it was toast, after that came:

Santa Cruz Corey O'Brian, independent trucks (which weighed a ton) and SC slime ball wheels with NSK bearings. Not a great deck although it was better than that soggy hawk! then there was...

Two SMA Natas, I think I had some Tracker trucks for about a month which then broke and I went back to the indies, the SC Slimeballs proved themselves to be the worst wheels ever, sluggy, soft as shite non reversible and coned/flat spotted to hell.

Next came a Tony Hawk Medalion which was an absurd purchase given that I was only really skating street, nice long nose but wide enough to feed six people from, this sadly was a theme I would revisit! With that I got some G&S super light half plastic trucks and some zorlac zombu wheels which wore down at an incredible rate! (which was a good thing they were enormous!).

The hawk got stomped on after one too many failed handrail attempts, In came a Schmitts Stix Bryce Knights (gargoyle) which rocked, the G&S trucks failed and I replaced them with some Gullwing Magnesiums, Wheels were 55 rat bones which we're good for a bit.

Oh and next it was another stupidly oversized deck, and SMA Rocco winnie the pooh thing, it was absurdly large, I should have bought the Vallely but well, I didn't! Along with that I got some SMA Gizmos, quite possibly the best wheels ever made?

After the Rocco was a Planet Earth Chris Miller, which is still lurking about in a loft somewhere along with the gull wings & Gizmos.

Then there was a 22 year gap, and now there's this: ... 34770c.jpg

Damnit, how do I post a single photo bucket image??

Turbo II obviously!
H Street - Tony Magnusson.
Blind - Guy Mariano.
Gordon & Smith - Neil Blender.
Almost - Daewon Song.
Various hand me downs in between.
I also had a board with a monkey on the bottom - circa 1992-5 maybe? Think he was holding a spray can? New Deal it was.....

It was a New Deal Danny Sargent. It was rad and I now want another one having looked at the shape!

First board was a clear red plastic one with orange wheels around 1980 or so.
2nd. another plastic, blue if i recall, early 80's.
3rd. first pro model, white Vision Tom Groholski, 86 I believe.
4th. Schmitt Lucero 'Bars' in brown, late 80's.
5th. black mini Hawk with boneite, late 80's.
6th. Santa Cruz everslick, not sure model, it was white with red logo, early 90's, first board with a kick nose!
7th. first (and only) popsicle, don't know brand or model mid 90's. It had a canoe graphic from the old classic story 'Paddle to the Sea' Anyone know it?
[Image: paddle-to-the-sea-1942-cover.jpg]
I get more motivated by the phrase “Fuck it” than any other motivational phrase

Started out around '76/'77 with my uncle's old clay wheeled POS from the '60's. What a bone breaker!
[Image: ceramic-clay-wheels-skateboard.jpg]

For Xmas (around the same time, a few months after almost killing myself on the clay wheeled thing), I got a Hang-Ten fiberglass board just like this one:
[Image: IMGP7365.JPG]

That lasted a year or so, and then I got some no name wider ply board with no name trucks and no name wheels, but still a step up. It came with rubber grip tape (weird, I know), but it was definitely a step up.

That one lasted a couple years and around '79/'80 I got a Dog Town Red Dog with Trackers and Kryptos for my birthday. It looked a lot like this:
[Image: dogtown499.png]

That lasted quite a few years. My friends and I had gotten into BMX bikes and we pretty much stopped skating. But around '83/'84 I got back into skating and got a Santa Cruz Duane Peters with Indy's and Kryptonics (green, 65mm/91A).
[Image: image017.png]

The DP cracked, so next up was a Santa Cruz R/S 10", around '84/'85 (using the old Indy's/Kryptos):
[Image: m_692167_U7DAjWYuEbJV.jpg]

A couple years later and it was an Uncle Wiggly Magnusson (but w/o the stickers). 1986(?):
[Image: uw_Magnusson_theaterfaces.jpg]

Another year or two (1988) and it was an Uncle Wiggly Fishtik, which was borrowed and never returned:
[Image: image045.gif]

Years went by in the '90's where I never skated. But one day I found an NOS Santa Cruz Jeff Kendall #1 in a store for $65, so I decided to skate again (around '97?).
[Image: 1_24975.jpg]

A few years later I decided to try a blank popsicle style board, but it just didn't do it for me. I stopped skating again after breaking my wrist twice in '99 and '00, and sold the Jeff Kendall board on Ebay.

So now I have my Santa Cruz Steve Olson reissue, after taking a break for 15 years, and I'm loving it!!
[Image: IMG_0396_zpsc1aayggh.jpg]

There may have been some used boards mixed in here and there, but those are the stand outs from over the years for me. b~

1. Homemade deck by my dad.
2. Plastic red one.
3. Z-Flex Dog Town or other can't remember. Solid fibre glass (broke it)
4. Alva 77 which lasted me till i stopped.

zoo york
world industries
shortys red muska
birdhouse willy santos
flip tom penny

current (first deck in 10 years)
element nyjah huston crossed

This looks like a fun exercise!

1. Orange plastic Cal-Skates
2. Madrid Mike Smith
3. Vision Hippy Stick
4. Powell Caballero
5. Santa Cruz Bullet
7. Schmitt Stix Lucero
8. JFA Med
9. JFA Large
10. Skull Skates Mutant
11. Powell Mountain Manor
12. Skull Skates Skeletal II
12. Skull Skates Gang Green
13. Fogtown
14. Powell Hawk
15. Powell Per Welinder
16. SMA Natas
17. Vision Gator
18 Skull Skates Hosoi
19. Santa Cruz Grabke
20. Skull Skates Street Sycle
21. Skull Skates Steve Olson
22. Skull Skates Duane Peters
23. Skull Skates Social Distortion
24-100......a staggering amount of popsicle decks. Real, Alien Workshop, Anti Hero, Plan B, Flip, Evol, Foundation, Lib Tech. Way too many to come close to remembering
101-140. Mostly 8.5" PSSTIX decks like Quasi, Alien and about a dozen old school decks, Skull, Powell, Black Label, SMA.

I know I'm missing a bunch; I figure I've gone through at least 200 decks.
Skating since you were swimming in your Dad's nutsack.

I had a Tony Hawk transition deck and attempted to skate street with it when I was a kid. Failed. Before that I had a deck I ordered from a thrashed ad. It had a graphic of a rabbit with a tire mark through its body. Ironically it was hit by a car. Wish I still had that hawk deck

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Current pipe setup: Welcome Sloth Hammer Head Deck, Spitfire Formula 4 58mm 99a, Hollow Indi trucks, soft bones bushins, Redz bearings

Just to resurrect this thread!

First time around (late 80's / Early 90's)

- Turbo 2! (Later 'upgraded' with Pacer wheels!)
- PP Lance Mountain (Black Boneite one), Trackers, OJII's
- Vision Gator (Cool griptape but board was well used!)
- SMA Natas Panther (again, well used!)
- PP Caballero Street (This had virtually no tail or nose left in it, it was that FUBAR'd!)
- SC Corey O'Brien (nice board, Indys, Slime Balls)
- SC Bod Boyle (Only full price New board I ever owned)
- Alva Eddie Reatagui (Monkey board, cool graphics and awesome tail, £15 new in sale)
- Sims Kevin Staab Pirate, Indys, Vision VB3's (Kept until 2017)

Now... (Trying to recreate my collection from the old days!)

- PP Lance Mountain re-issue in Green, same Indys and VB3's from 25 years ago!
- SC Corey O'Brien re-issue (Wallhanger)
- SC Bod Boyle re-issue (Wallhanger)
- Vision Gator re-issue (Wallhanger)
- PP Caballero Street re-issue (Wallhanger)
- SMA Natas Panther re-issue (Wallhanger ON Order for MAR)


Fun read.dudes!

1985 Alpine Action slim wooden board with no concave and wide orange wheels on tight trucks.
It was my birthday present.
Best day of my life.

This broke when jumping.

Then we went to california for a vacation and came back with a mall complete:
Nightmare III
Fluo green with fluo pink wheels.
No concave and thick as thuck.

This got mugged.

Then my first proper deck
Variflex complete from Slam City, back in the underground shop in portobello.

Then saved pocket money and got a Hosoi Hammer Head and indies.
Traded the variflex for the future primitive video.
Variflex went under a doubledecker after a week.

Then bought a Jason Jessee second hand when the hosoi was wearing out.

Then around 1990 I got a modern deck, on sale at slam city neil yard.
Some kind of almost popsicle with huge nose and fit tiny wheels.

Moved on to snowboarding

Then in 2010ish got back skating and decided the semi popsicle was crap.
Got an Antiz complete for christmas.

Couple of years later gave the antiz to my son and got me a skatemental with ace trucks.

These got mugged from the car shortly after...

So I got a blind complete for a year or so

Then bought a krooked which I am skating right now.

[Image: 111162d43fac105fc199e3c856746074.jpg]

BUBI 0_0

I’ve lost count of the number of decks I’ve had in 40-plus years, but here are some general themes:

- crappy plastic 70s boards
- narrow Slick Willie’s rocker
- Fiberflex bowl rider

- Alva deck
- Dogtown Triplane
- Various Vision decks: Gator/Hippie Stick
- various U.K. Insane decks

- lots of 8” popsicles, including
- Zero
- Powell
- etc etc

- got a bit hi-tech with LibTech
- then back to 7-ply

- 8.25” popsicles
- then multiple carbon Revdecks
- then multiple shaped Welcome decks
- then wider 8.5” popsicles
- now on 8.375” wood and carbon slicks, made by Kape, Austria

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I didn't have that many as they seem to last me for a while due to the crappy weather here in glasgow, plus money was a factor.

- First skateboard would have been more of a toy with the plastic wheels and was totally unskateable.
- My first half decent set up was an unheard of malone complete which was bought from a sports chain (late 80's).
- First decent deck was a hosoi hammer head.
- Then skated a local shop blank (clan skates)
- Finally a plan b danny way shot gun deck (everslick) this was the early 90's and would be my last before leaving the scene.

I think I only had one set of trucks the whole time possibly bullets, nmb bearings my last set of wheels with the plan b deck where gizmos.

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